Blogging Block

Everyday I’ve been putting my heart, my thoughts and my life on my blog. Some days the blog comes easy… other days I have bloggers block. In light of what others may think blogging is hard. When I first started blogging over a year ago I had so many things I wanted to get out so I could start to heal and move forward now here I sit and I’m happy, my mind clear and my vocie growing more silence.

This past week I have been spending all my free time with my husband and kids. My mind at ease and nothing to type. Our days have been spent sleeping in, staying up late watching movies, hanging with close friends, swimming in the pool, laying out and watching the evening thunderstorms. Normal everyday stuff… I actually enjoy these times but I’m sure they are boring to read about…

T. A. K. E. (Tony Audrey Kaylyn Ethan) my life my purpose, we may not have it all but together we have something pretty beautiful.

You have to fight through some hard days to earn the Best days of your life…  I know the best is yet to come