Celiac Disease FYI

So my page 15 will be a rant… So Run if you must… Or actually read this and help me educate others about my disease which is called Celiac!

Just an FYI: if one more Person says to me

A little gluten won’t hurt me…
Why not try exercising instead of cutting out gluten…
it’s a fad diet…
Aren’t you over being gluten free by now…
So what Can you eat…
White bread should be fine

I seriously might scream in their face. Like seriously Go Look it up! Stop speaking about something you obviously Know nothing about. Don’t speak on a disease because you heard so and so say whatever about it.

I am educated on it because I have it. I did my research. I know what I can and can’t have! Gluten is Top on the list of stay far away. If I have questions I ask a Doctor or those that have it like myself. I stay away from those that feel gluten just makes your stomach upset.

If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease. That means you had an endoscopy and they did a biopsy which came back positive for celiac disease. Not just a blood test. You can Not have any gluten, Ever!! It will damage you. Not just make you sick. I don’t know about you but my body and all it’s parts are very important to me! It keeps me healthy and Alive! So shut your Face. They don’t just make up a disease!

Celiac Disease is Real People!!

and why I am at it… Yes I am gluten free crazy! Yes I pin gluten free stuff like crazy!

Yes I read all labels so I may block something for a minute in the store… Why not say excuse me, I’ll move. Don’t ask me

why I’m reading the lables

then when I politely answer back

I can’t have gluten

say back

I didn’t know people took that diet so serious.


Yes I love that my friends tag me in gluten free things! Yes I like all gluten free things I see on Facebook! Don’t like that delete me.

I want to Live a long Healthy Life so buzzy off you Jerks and as for the rest of you that support me and have been helping me through my new health journey;

THANK YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE IMPORTANT TO ME! YOU KEEPING ME FIGHTING and you all are probably the main reason I don’t go flip psycho on some people…


Celiac disease has over 300 symptoms and believe it or Not they all AREN’T toilet problems…