All about my Back Surgery

So I had my Lumbar Laminectomy on L4-5 and excision of HNP on November 20th.

What is a Lumbar Laminectomy:
A lumbar laminectomy is also known as an open decompression and typically performed to alleviate pain caused by neural impingement that can result from lumbar spinal stenosis. A condition that primarily afflicts elderly patients, spinal stenosis is caused by degenerative changes that result in enlargement of the facet joints. The enlarged joints then place pressure on the nerves, and this pressure may be effectively relieved with the laminectomy. The lumbar laminectomy is designed to remove a small portion of the bone over the nerve root and/or disc material from under the nerve root to give the nerve root more space and a better healing environment

What is HPN:   
Herniated nucleus pulposus in the lumbar spine is a type of spine degeneration that can cause lower back pain and sciatica. The intervertebral discs that normally cushion the spine are thick, spongy pads. The outer layer of these discs is a tough fibrous material, known as the annulus fibrosus, and the inner layer is a gel-like fluid called the nucleus pulposus. When a disc weakens and a tear develops in the outer wall, the nucleus pulposus can rupture into the spinal column, potentially causing pain if the material comes into contact with the spinal cord or a nerve root.

My surgery was suppose to be at 2:30pm but like most surgeries I was pushed back. Going without food or water from 12:00am on November 19 made for an uncomfortable wait. We got to know the nurses really good because I was the only patient left by then. We made the most of the wait. Slept some. Watched a lot of TV. I was very chatty, mainly because I was so nervous. We giggled and prayed.



I was finally took back to the Holding Room after 5:00pm. Then my Surgeon came in to go over what he would be doing, the nurses introduced their selves, meet the anesthesia people and off I went to OR. My surgery was only about 45 mins long. I came to with my husband Tony right by my side. Pretty groggy and not able to really speak. They decided to keep me. Got in a room around 8:00pm. Took a turn for the Yuck… Got sick, blood pressure dropped then my oxygen dropped. Started to feel some better at 12:00am November 21st.


Next day I was up and sitting!

I was Not impressed with the lack of knowledge the nursing staff and CNA staff had on Celiac Disease. They tried to give me gluten on multiple occasions.


My Gluten-free Meal

Thank Goodness my husband was there. I was so out of it I would have ate whatever they would have gave me not knowing. They felt the only thing that eating gluten would do is give me diarrhea and vomitting… Try damage to my villi and organs… We did our best to Educate them on celiac disease. Hope they took it in.


He took such great care of me.

It is now Sunday November 23rd and I am pretty darn sore but I can feel I’m on the right track. I do Not regret having this surgery at all. Best choice I’ve made for myself.


Babe keeping me company

My restrictions are:

No lifting or carrying anything weighing over a gallon. (I can barley hold my cup for too long right now)

No bending or twisting. (My back definitely lets me know what way I can move)

No standing or sitting for more than 40-60 mins at a time. (I only sit for eating right now, hurts way to bad to sit. I have to say Standing is better but I get tired really easy)

I am to walk but less than a mile and it needs to be on flat ground. I should be able to walk a mile a month after surgery. (Right now I am walk around the inside of my house like in a figure eight.)

I can’t drive for 2 weeks. On the 3rd week I can drive a short distance if my pain is gone.

I’m on the road to recovery looking forward to my future. More blogs to come.



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