I just miss you


My heart still beats a little faster when I think back to our memories. They rush in like a storm. A smile comes across my face because it’s a mesmerizing storm I can’t look away from… and then just like that my smile fades and tears fill my eyes… Because like most storms they leave a messy path…

Just as quickly as you came into my life you rushed out… Our memories won’t seem to fade. A song, a smell, a back road… You come rushing in. Those times are so far away now but bright and strong the memories hold on to me. I was in the eye of your Storm… Your gone, you’ve been gone, for so long but those memories just stand firm in my mind. Refusing to be forgotten. Filling my dreams. Breaking my silently calm life. Even though you’ve gone so far away… And I can’t just run to you. I can’t just call you up. You still seem to shake me…


You were taken from me, stollen in the middle of the night. I searched for months to find any part of you. Any piece of you to hold on to but just like that you had vanished. If I had known you were going… I would have never left your side. I would have said I love you a hundred times. I would have begged you to stay. I would have sang one more song. I would kissed you one last time but you can’t hold a storm…

You can only remember them in flashes… Quick stunning moments… Raging and Loud memories. I just miss you my beautiful storm. I will wait for you, forever I will wait… I’ll never give up until my storm returns and carries me away.


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