Open Letter

Dear so and so,

  I must tell you I tried, for many years I tried. I tried to understand you, I tried to stick by you, I tried to hold on… But in the end I had to say goodbye.

  My heart didn’t break the way I thought it would. My mind didn’t fill with memories of you. My soul hasn’t searched for how to make it work.

  I just felt free. Free to be me. Free to think differently than you, Free to say exactly what I want, Free to do what I feel is best. Free to be happy. Free to be Happy with myself and I can finally see it’s okay to love me!

  I no longer have to stay silent when you say things that cut deep. I no longer have watch you hurt me and others. I no longer have to stand by while you tear me down to others and let others do the same. I no longer have to hear your judgemental views about me or my choices.

  Life keeps moving, the way I knew it would. Life is funny like that. It doesn’t stop moving just because people are cruel. I don’t have any urge to call or speak with you. See the thing is I don’t want to share my life with you at all any part of it.

  Please know if I’ve cut all contact with you. I have a reason for this. It’s not to be mean, it’s not to cause drama. It’s honestly stopped all drama in my life. I clearly won’t nothing to do with you. I clearly want to be free of you toxic ways. Please leave me be.

Stop calling
Stop writing
Stop texting
Stop emailing

  I need you to know I forgive you, I always do and always have. My forgiveness does not mean I have to keep you in my life. Nor does it mean that I don’t love you.

It simply means I need to be free of you…

P.S. I am a beautiful person, I am loved, I am selfish at times, I am a caring mother, I am a loving wife, I am smart, I do have talents, I scream when I’m mad… I cry when I’m sad and there is nothing wrong with any of those. When you love someone… you love All of them. You build them up, not tear them down. You embrace them. I can finally say I love me and your opinion no longer matters to me.

Sincerely, Audrey


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