These are a few moments I miss dearly since I’ve not been able to get out and about… These are moments I Cherish… My Moment’s I cling too…

I miss walking over to the small Elementary School with bounce in my step and a smile on my face…

Oh the excitement I felt looking through the glass windows that surround the elementary library… just hoping to see that outstanding librarian in there. I miss her welcoming smile, I miss her caring eye’s. I miss our short but deep chats surrounded by books… I miss her laugh it always made my heavy load feel so much lighter…  The color I see when I think of her, is yellow… Bright and steady… Like the morning sun… Beautiful moments with her I think of all the time

I miss that kind 1st grade teacher who’s voice always made me grin… I miss her stories about her precious granddaughters… I miss how those stories made my hurt go away for a moment… Her color when I close my eyes to recall my moments with her… pink… Caring, Sweet and Soft.

I miss that beautiful red head momma and that sweet stunning blonde mommy… with a ton of kids who still manage to have it all together… I miss seeing their happy smiles and that strength they have that always shown through … I talk to them often but it isn’t the same as seeing their beautiful faces. I don’t miss those drama filled… so called people that brought us together but thankful the moments happened because I gained in the end two wonderful, caring friends.


I miss my Wildcat Warehouse ladies… All mother’s, all kind, all gorgeous and all funny. I miss the moments of joy I seen in their faces helping each child find that perfect gift to take home… I miss the childrens faces when they gave us their cash and received their bag of goodies… Oh how I miss our laughter… I miss those moments of hard work… I found 3 very special friends Deep purple, classic white and a calm green come to mind when I recall these moments with those gorgeous gals…

I miss those paper cuts on Wednesdays… I miss chatting about life with that pretty young mother of two… who’s down home country personality was much needed in my life… I see dust and chicken feed when I think of our moments…

I miss that bubbly, pint size 2nd grade teacher whos classroom was a mess but students were smart… I miss helping her with hands on activities… I miss her energy… I miss how she hugged every student before they left her room for the day… Moments with her went by too fast… I love looking back on our moments… Carolina Blue is the color is see.


I miss the busy office staff whos job I could never do. I miss the helpful hands… I miss the way they showed me how to use the printer over and over without eye rolling when I still couldn’t get it… I miss those moments of pure craziness… looking around at them and seeing no stress no anger… I can only pray to be as classy as those ladies as I get older.

I miss my back road drive to a small town that will always have my heart… I miss those moments of popping in at my old job chatting with those sweet customers and catching up with the sweetest cashier I’ll ever know. I miss that short walk over to a fun flower lady… When I close my eyes and concentrate really hard I can almost smell the coffee and flowers…

I miss dropping in on a mad house… filled with boys running in and out… I miss those sounds of different animals, toddler’s laughing… I miss that quiet cute baby girl who looked just like her auntie… I miss my friend… But cherish those moments.

I’ve had my moments, days in the sun Moments I was second to none Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn’t do lyrics by:Emerson Drive

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